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2019-10-14 Libyan Dinar
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soog Real Estate Advice

Here are some tips and guidance task in selling and buying and renting real estate

SoogLibya guidance to the buyer

  • Make sure that the land within the municipal planning
  • Ascertain the ownership contract, devoid of any real estate disputes
  • Ensure compatibility specifications into real estate ownership instrument engineers, surveying, and site
  • determine the specifications of property you want to buy, such as the number of rooms and space and don’t hesitate to ask advices to friends, and consult experts to determine the budget of real estate. All this will increases your chance to get the required real estate
  • Ascertain the availability of calm: visit the site of the house in the morning and evening to make sure that there are no noisy factors such as inconvenience votes or loudspeakers or workshop or harassing neighbors
  • Make sure previous owner paid all previous bills such as electricity, water and telephone
  • Take into account direction of the sun , this will contribute to make your home more lighten
  • Took advantage of the real estate with good specifications and reasonable price , and don't underestimate the price. this probably lead to the loss of opportunity

    SoogLibya guidance to the seller

  • Take care of building entrance and cleaned up the stairs as well.
  • If you have a garden Make it More Appealing , by Fleecing lawn and trim the trees and plant some flowers.
  • * Improve the smell of the building and stop smoking. You can also put aromatic Candles to improve the smell of curtains and furniture
  • Scour floors of the building , and preferably clean the marble and the tiles if it's necessary If necessary re-painted outside the building - that will have a very large impact
  • Repair or replace any piece of machinery health defect by clear and repair defects prefer not clear that the building and hence could not be disclosed, it is not us
  • ask one of your friends to give you a buyer advice , because a buyer detect defect easily